Improve your Business Process

You have lots of data, and you know that there is value in it. You have teams of specialists who are trying to help you extract that value – developers, data base experts, business intelligence experts, data scientists.

Opportunity Qualification

We partner with the client to understand their business problem and determine if it's a data science opportunity. We also work with the client to identify a potential use case.


Laying the Groundwork

Use this checklist to ensure all housekeeping action items are completed before starting the engagement, e.g.: NDA, Solution Configuration, Security.

4-6 Week Sprint

Our detailed Sprint plan details all the steps of engagement starting with identifying the opportunity, collecting the data and going all the way to providing actionable business insights


Sprint Deliverables

We give you a clear list of deliverables for your engagement. Not only does this manage expectations from both sides, this effort also helps you create a roadmap for your data science journey.

Partnership Roadmap

We work with our clients to help create their data science roadmap, whether they want to build in-house, or use us as their data science partners.


Next Steps

You can also use our consulting services to operationalize and automate the end-to-end solution including training in post-production support


Data Science Consulting

  • Phase 1 insight
  • Recommended business action plan
  • Identify 2-3 additional business process improvement opportunity
  • Lay out a data science roadmap for client's organization

Data Science Consulting + License

  • Build model to predict next step in the process
  • Predict the factors that influence your business decision making
  • Make better decisions

4-6 Week Sprint
Our Approach

  1. 1. Identify Business Process Owners
    We partner closely with you to understand your business processes, your technical landscape, and identify the business process owners and the names users.
  2. 2. Process Improvement Opportunity
    We understand your business process and identify areas to improve the process using data science.
  3. 3. Data Source
    Our built-in connectors can pull data from your CRM systems and any other raw data repositories.
  4. 4. Identify The Data Partners
    Using multiple mathematical algorithms, hidden patterns emerge and are used to generate business insights and candidate predictive models.
  5. 5. Validating & Optimizing the Model
    Prophesy validates the models for accuracy against known past data and builds the optimal model for your specific data and business processes over multiple iterations.
  6. 6. Connecting Results to Data Driven Decisions
    Prophesy gives you clear insights to drive decisions. We can help you interpret these results and route them to your systems to trigger necessary actions.

Partnership Roadmap

  • Define additional opportunities for business process improvement
  • Define next series of sprints
  • Staff opportunities based on clients desire to adopt data science skills are leveraged Scintel Analytics as a data science consulting partner